About Foundations Press

Previously known as Anne’s School Place, our little website started in 2002, originally containing lots of links and resources that had been helpful to our own family in homeschooling. Our goal was to help families take the guesswork out of homeschooling.

In the passing years, if people would ask us, “What homeschooling curriculum do you use?” we would him-hum around, not sure how to answer. No particular curriculum seemed to fit our personal dream to use the Bible as our primary method and textbook.

As a result, we’ve been slowly writing and designing curriculum, first for use in our own home with our own children, then for the use of our friends here online.

What Our Logo Means

Based on our study particularly of the book of Deuteronomy, we have resolved to use the Hear, Learn, Keep, Do method of homeschooling. Our logo features the “keep” of a castle, as a reminder to us to firmly “keep” God’s laws in our hearts, as the best foundation of all for our lives.
castle keep

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