The Price of Our Books

Reflecting on how God is leading...Here at Foundations Press, we have two kinds of books, Bible-study books to help you grow in your knowledge of God, and homeschooling how-to books to help you grow in your parenting and teaching skills.

The Spirit of God has been leading us to not charge for any of our Bible-study books, so that we will write with honesty and integrity, not persuaded by profit. You can download any of our Bible-study ebooks for free, or you order printed copies through at the printing cost. Freely we have received, and so freely we give.

Our other curriculum and books have been priced as low as possible, so that families can afford it!

Our family does need to eat, so if you feel led to help us out, here’s what you can do:

  1. Pray for us! This is urgently important. We get tired, discouraged, and worn down, just like you. Your prayers are invaluable.
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