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We think using the Bible as your primary textbook is the BEST way to homeschool your children. Why? Because God knows how we tick, and He knows what's best for us, and His ways are proven and true.

We'd like to give you Anne's e-book, Biblical Home Education, which shows you how you can use the Bible to homeschool your children.

In addition, we'd like to send you 6 free lessons to help you homeschool with a firm foundation on the Bible:

  • Lesson 1 — Four things kids need to learn before they can actually learn
  • Lesson 2 -- The challenge of being consistent -- and three solutions to this problem
  • Lesson 3 -- Three radical steps you can take if you want to be a better parent
  • Lesson 4 -- The biggest reason parents fail, and 5 ways you can create a happier and more loving home
  • Lesson 5 -- Tips for educational success, with lots of ideas you can start using right away
  • Lesson 6 -- A long-term plan for success, and what I'd say if I could come over to your house and personally mentor you
We'll send both gifts right away...
The Art of Persuasion book