Our Homeschool Curriculum

…The Bible Is Our Primary Textbook


Bible Curriculum
Our “curriculum” is a guide to reading aloud from the Bible and is popular with homeschoolers, yet practical for any family.

  • Foundations 1: Preparing for Christ (Old Testament)
  • Foundations 2: Christ Our Messiah (Gospels and Acts)
  • Foundations 3: Christ Our Hope (Acts and Epistles)
Foundations 1
Foundations 2
Foundations 3

Foundations of World History
Teach from ancient times to modern times, using the Bible as your primary textbook.

Cover - From Ancient Times

Homeschooling P.E. (for the P.E. Challenged Mom)
A set of simple lesson plans that can walk you through this often neglected subject.

Homeschoolin P.E.

Parenting & Preschoolers:

The Four Foundations of Lifelong Learning: Preparing Your Little Ones for School
So much to teach, so little time… Where should a wise mother start?

Four Foundations