Even P.E. Can Be a Part of Your Homeschool

Are you a P.E.-challenged Mom? I am! I grew up in a traditional school setting, and I just despised physical education class, or “phys ed” as my teachers called it. I didn’t enjoy running around in the heat, making a fool of myself as I tried to catch balls, or changing in the locker room. Yuck!

So as a homeschooling mom, I was in a predicament. I understood the good sense in teaching physical fitness to my children. I realized the need for getting them off the couch and moving. But it was hard for me to set a good example when my memories of exercising and sports were less than fond.

In addition, as the mother of seven young children, I lacked the time to make lesson plans for yet another subject. Our day was already full with math, grammar, reading, writing, history, science, chores, music, service for others, housecleaning….

So I needed a plan. I talked to my husband, who has been involved with athletics on a high school level for many years. I read books on physical education, written by and for homeschoolers. I searched the Internet.

The result was a set of simple lesson plans that would walk me through physical education. These plans are intended for elementary-age children, since these are the ages of my own children. I planned for ways to get us all up and exercising together, since this was a need in our home. Finally, I tried to make it fun, since I knew that I wouldn’t want to continue if it wasn’t – and if Mom doesn’t want to exercise, why would the kids want to?

“Excellent product! This is just what I was looking for in a home P.E. program!” – Tammy

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