The Four Foundations of Lifelong Learning

The Four Foundations of Lifelong Learning

How long do you have until your children are old enough to go to school?  Are they ready?  You probably already realize that you have an enormous task ahead of you. Whether a child is homeschooled or attends traditional school, he has a long list of skills he must learn if he’ll be prepared for formal education.  In addition, most parents realize that education is actually a lifestyle, a way of living in which learning takes place at any time and at all times.  “School” isn’t something that starts in September after a child turns five.  Rather, parents have a million and one things to begin teaching right away!  “School” is simply a continuation of everything we are already doing with our children.

So what should we teach our children before they turn five?  What skills do they need to master so that learning will be enjoyable and effective when they begin their formal schooling?  If homeschooling, how can we ensure that we will be successful teaching our own children?  (How can we even define “success”?)

In The Four Foundations of Lifelong Learning:  Preparing Your Little Ones for School, find practical answers as we discuss order, respect, attention, and parental example –- the four foundations upon which a successful education is built.  I’ve got seven children of my own, so I’ll tell you lots about my own experiences in preparing young children to learn.  I’ll show you

  • How to plan a workable daily schedule
  • Why household chores help children learn
  • Why adequate sleep is important for brain development
  • Why respect for authority is essential for learning
  • How to give your children the right balance of freedom and boundaries
  • How to teach moral values
  • Why self-control is the foundation of all learning
  • How to increase a child’s attention span
  • Why you need a workable philosophy of education
  • How to increase your child’s learning potential
  • How to select quality materials if homeschooling

Gain new hope in your parenting as you move beyond chaos and fatigue with our workable plan for success!

The Four Foundations of Lifelong Learning The Four Foundations of Lifelong Learning: Preparing Your Little Ones for School


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