“This is the first time we’ve been consistent with our Bible study time since we started homeschooling. Thank you!” – a mother in Missouri

“I’ve been searching for a curriculum that started in Genesis and read straight through the Bible. That our whole family can do it together? Well, that’s even better!” – a mother in Arizona

“I got this curriculum, looking for a GOOD, comprehensive, SIMPLE, easy to follow, Bible centered Bible curriculum and I was NOT disappointed. First, the program is comprehensive. It covers, Bible reading, memorization, drills to help your child be able to find quickly references. It approaches memory verses in a variety of ways, auditory, visual, kinesthetic. It really covers a lot of ground in NOT a prohibitive amount of time. I just consider this to be an all around great product.” – Rebecca

“To say that I am pleased with this curriculum could very well be the understatement of the year. The suggested reading list is spot on. The lessons are clear and easy to follow. It is very thorough and even teaches some concepts that I hadn’t thought to teach my children before. I even learned some tips on bible study and memorization. I appreciated the mom’s notes and check off list that go with the lessons. My favorite part (okay one of them) is that this is chronologically based. There is no better history than that of the bible and this curriculum give your kids a much greater understanding of how to appreciate and utilize the bible, our most important tool.” – Heart of the Matter

“Foundations 3 is the best year yet! My husband and I learned so much as we dug into Scripture with our children. My Bible is much clearer to me now.” — a mother in Iowa

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We have your Foundations 1 and are planning to use that this year. I have been “going back to the Bible” a LOT for this year’s curriculum. Simply tired of all the other stuff and want the Bible. Period. Glad to find some world history with the same.” — Michelle

“I am using your Foundations 1: Preparation for Christ, and have totally loved it. I have been able to have some really concentrated Bible time with my 8-year-old daughter. She is so seeing the “themes” of the Tuesday and Thursday Bible “Sword” Drills (as we call them). I write out small notes to the right as she reads, then go back and read those to her and have her give me a “theme” name for the readings. It has been a blessing to us both. And, she is seeing, biblically, that we are to obey. Not just cuz Daddy and Mama say so, but cuz God says so. (That has been a hard concept for her to grasp.) I also really like the activities that you have listed. They are just enough to dig a bit further, but not so much that either of us feel overwhelmed.” — Michelle

“We love your Bible program and love that our son will continue to grow in studying God’s Word. We were using another program but it was not teaching a deep understanding of the Word and was to time consuming.  We have only used yours for a month but everyone is happy with it.” — January

How has Foundations Press been a blessing in your home?